As a young and dynamic company from Meinerzhagen in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) we sell and install shelving systems and factory equipment everywhere in Europe. We are specialized in complete storage systems from the planning and designing the project (CAD assisted) to the delivery and installation of the shelving systems in your house.

Optimum Space exploitation

“Thanks to a custom-made shelve arrangement in my warehouse I save money. Thus, I can store the double on the same surface.” Every square metre of your commercial surface costs money.

An optimum space exploitation and short ways are essential. Our free of charge and non-binding consultation and CAD-Service helps you to implement your ideas.

Organisation with system

“With shelves my files and folders will be archived more clearly. And if they are full, I can extend them excellently. How clever!”

Every shelve is designed for its special purpose, as for example shelving systems for files and folders are tuned with an upstanding back which prevents folders to slip through.



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